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Cancer among Emergency Medical Services Professionals

EMS professionals have the potential for increased cancer risk, but little is known about cancers that affect them.

EMScapades: March 1, 2021

That moment when you make it back to the station and realize that you have no idea where your ride along is.

International Prehospital Medicine Institute Literature Review, March 2021

The group's mission is to provide up-to-date education at an affordable cost to those who provide medical care in the prehospital setting.

EMS And The Flolan Pump

Having a better understanding of Flolan will help you provide better care.

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Chambers County (TX) EMS Successfully Submits COVID-19 Vaccination Data to Texas Immunization Registry

Chambers County EMS in Texas is proud to announce that it has successfully completed an upload of public health COVID-19 vaccination data to the Texas ImmTrac2 immunization registry.