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After I Jumped into the Water

Jonathon S. Feit writes about his experience saving a young boy from drowning in a pool.

Water, Drownings and Paramedics

Learn how Napa County (CA) EMS adapted to a sudden surge in water-related emergencies in a remote location of the county.

Mobile Medicine and the Mysterious Case of the Invisible (But Ubiquitous) Healthcare Provider

Jonathon S. Feit asks if people even realize there is more to EMS than ambulances and fire engines.

Improving Outcomes in Sepsis

Standardizing the prehospital approach to sepsis patients may benefit the overall system of care, the authors write.

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Pulsara Receives 2021 HealthTechZone Telehealth Award

Pulsara said today the company has received a 2021 Telehealth Award from prominent healthcare technology news source