EMS Needs to Assume the Role of Messaging for COVID-19

EMS has the power to do much more than just treat the COVID-19 situation they are currently seeing, writes Richard C. Beaulieu.

Approaches in Prehospital Sepsis Screening

Current methods used in the prehospital setting for sepsis screenings and interventions were analyzed for this literature review.

International Prehospital Medicine Institute Literature Review, January 2021

The group's mission is to provide up-to-date education at an affordable cost to those who provide medical care in the prehospital setting.

EMScapades: January 1, 2021

Here's hoping that with each new year we are always wiser from the experiences! Happy New Year!

Pinellas County (FL) Implements Model Vaccination Programs for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Emergency Personnel

Join JEMS Editor Emeritus A.J. Heightman and Pinellas County, Florida, EMS/medical direction officials as they discuss model COVID vaccination programs implemented for emergency responders, skilled nursing home facility residents and staff.

Identifying Toxic Leadership in EMS Organizations

This submission introduces the theory of toxic leadership, how to recognize it and what leadership looks like moving forward.

Agencies Pivot Patient Care Response Resources amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Learn how three Sacramento-area fire departments teamed up with local hospitals to mobilize a MIH program during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leadership Mindset with an Emphasis in EMS, Part Three

This is part three of a three-part series by Dustin Axtell on what successful leadership can be in EMS.

Emergency Considerations in COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

Recent evidence has emerged that some patients may be at a greater risk of developing an adverse medical event associated with vaccine administration.

EMScapades: December 15, 2020

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