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Five Chest Pain Emergencies: Part 2

Part 2 of 2: Here’s a refresher on how we as EMS providers can play a role in saving lives.
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Identifying an Acute Coronary Syndrome: Part 1

Part 1 of 2: Here’s a refresher on how we as EMS providers can play a role in saving lives.
Marion County Rescue Squad

Marion County (WV) Rescue Squad Honored for Heart Patient Transport Times

The squad has received recognition through the American Heart Association for quick response times for people experiencing heart emergencies throughout the county.
First responders chat with the victim and his wife.

Brick (NJ) EMTs Save Man Who Suffered Widowmaker Heart Attack

First responders are commended for their lifesaving work in saving a man who suffered a near-fatal heart attack.

OH Man Credits Apple Watch with Saving His Life

Medical staff there found Zac Zies' oxygen level was 99 percent, his blood pressure was normal, but his resting heart rate was 222 beats per minute.

Optimal Level of Training for Emergency Call Takers: Ensuring the Best Outcome in Cardiac...

This study indicates that more fundamental training targeted toward specific protocol performance may increase the provision of dispatcher-assisted CPR.
CPR Training

Why People Fear Performing CPR on Women

The insights come from a new survey of 520 men and women who were asked to rank potential reasons someone might not want to provide bystander CPR to a woman, based on the sex of the rescuer.
An SUV from the Minnesota Mobile Resuscitation Consortium.

MN Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Treatment Demonstrated 100% Success Rate in Cannulation

A study from the University of Minnesota found that the first four months of the Minnesota Mobile Resuscitation Consortium (MMRC) was 100% effective in cannulation for out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests.

T-Wave Repolarization Heterogeneity

Routine screening of electrocardiograms in patients has revealed that patients with T-waves that vary in direction -- especially in the lateral leads -- have an increased incidence of sudden death later in life.

Coach Thanks OH First Responders Who Saved Him from In-Practice Heart Attack

While coaching the Fenwick High School lacrosse team at the Forest Hills Sports Plex in Middletown, Phil Keegan, 58, suffered a heart attack. Instead of being one of the 800,000 in the U.S. who die from cardiovascular disease each year, Keegan survived.