Safety First or Safety Third: Considering Practitioner Safety in EMS

Radu Venter takes a critical look at what scene safety really means to EMS professionals.

Use Difficult Conversations to Provide Better Healthcare

You are a dust bunny and EMS agencies are like a broom. It does not have to be that way, writes Justin Porter.

Be Part of the Solution: Vax Up!

JEMS proudly gives two thumbs up to the outstanding “Vax Up” edition of the “Be Part of the Solution” public service announcement series.

EMS Needs to Assume the Role of Messaging for COVID-19

EMS has the power to do much more than just treat the COVID-19 situation they are currently seeing, writes Richard C. Beaulieu.

COVID-19 Can Kill You Now or Later. You Should Take the Vaccine.

This is an important case that must be shared with firefighters and EMS responders so they take the vaccine.

Identifying Toxic Leadership in EMS Organizations

This submission introduces the theory of toxic leadership, how to recognize it and what leadership looks like moving forward.

‘It’s Been an Incredible Ride:’ NH EMS Provider Moves On and Shares Lessons Learned

We are sharing this resignation letter from a New Hampshire-based EMS provider as it captures the essence of serving in EMS.

Watch Now: The Unbox It Series: Ring Rescue

JEMS Editor Emeritus A.J. Heightman unboxes Ring Rescue, an easy-to-use device that helps remove stuck rings from swollen fingers!

COVID-19 Reveals How Obesity Harms the Body in Real Time, Not Just Over a Lifetime

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust the obesity epidemic once again into the spotlight, revealing that obesity is no longer a disease that harms just in the long run but one that can have acutely devastating effects.

Traits of a Critical Thinking Paramedic

Radu Venter expands on the Foundation for Critical Thinking's "Valuable Intellectual Traits" article and adapts the traits listed for EMS personnel.

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