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The photo shows the front of an orange ambulance.

Rural EMS in CO: Underfunded, Overworked and Urgently Needed

Unlike police and fire, EMS is not considered an essential service by Colorado, which is the norm in this country.
City of Decatur Fire and Rescue shield

Board Recommends $5,000 supplement for Decatur (AL) Fire Paramedics

Decatur Fire & Rescue and the Personnel Board are hoping a $5,000 supplement is an offer that paramedic-trained recruits can't refuse.
Houston ambulance stolen

Police: Armed Person Stole Ambulance with Patient, Firefighter Inside

An armed suspect stole an ambulance early Friday while a patient and a firefighter were inside, Houston police said.
A man on a stretcher is loaded into the back of an ambulance.

Sedgwick County (KS) Manager Apologizes to EMS Employees about Concerns with Leadership

Sedgwick County Manager Tom Stolz said he was sorry for not being more proactive with communicating with EMS employees.

Hospital Patient Steals Ambulance, Leads Guard On Wild Chase

A discharged patient led a security guard on a wild chase Wednesday night after stealing an ambulance left running outside a Texas hospital.
A Sedgwick County EMS Ambulance

Sedgwick County (KS) EMS Director Ousted

Dr. John Gallagher was removed from his position following an investigation into slow response times and a staff revolt.
The photo shows an arrangement of Oxycodone pills.

Experts: Spend Opioid Settlement Funds on Fighting Opioids

As a $26 billion settlement over the toll of opioids looms, some public health experts are citing the 1998 agreement with tobacco companies as a cautionary tale.
The photo shows the front of an ambulance with its emergency lights on.

Eight Wounded in Chicago (IL) Party Bus Shooting

A drive-by shooting in Chicago wounded eight people who had been riding on a party bus, one of several shootings in the city, police said.
The photo shows the inside of an ambulance.

Robeson County (NC) EMS Testing Body Cameras

Wednesday marked the start of a 14-day testing and evaluation phase for six body cameras being incorporated into patient care.
Jacob Dindinger

Tucson (AZ) AMR EMT Shot in Head Remains in Critical Condition

Jacob Dindinger, 20, reportedly became an EMT to follow in his brother's footsteps.