Unlearning Cardiac Arrest – What You Thought You Knew

Unlearning what you thought you knew about cardiac arrest requires challenging our traditional way of thinking. Do you defibrillate all patients in V-Fib? Give Epi? Stop compressions to intubate? Ventilate 10-12 times a minute? Not at Rialto Fire Department. In fact, we don’t care if you ever ventilate. Nothing trumps compressions – nothing! We have changed the way we approach cardiac arrest and it has resulted in a large jump in ROSC rates and an 83% Utstein rate. Join us, Fire Chief Sean Grayson and EMS Chief Joe Powell, as we describe the journey to significant sweeping changes in our cardiac arrest approach and our culture. 

Please join us for this ‘Best of JEMS Webcast’ sponsored by ZOLL Medical.

Presented by:

Sean Grayson

Fire Chief, Rialto Fire Department

Presented by:

Joe Powell

EMS Chief, Rialto Fire Department