Systems of Care that Scale: How EMS Leaders Are Building the Future

As the pandemic subsides, EMS leaders and organizations are not just in recovery mode; they are also reevaluating and restructuring their care systems based on what they’ve learned. From routine patient transports to the largest pandemic of our lifetime to managing Texas’s devastating winter ice storm in February 2021, learn how Texas EMS clinical leaders are using scalable mobile technology to lay the foundation for the new reality of EMS—including Mobile Integrated Healthcare, Community Paramedicine, and Telehealth.

Are your systems of care flexible and scalable enough to handle daily operations and also quickly adapt to the next disaster, active shooter incident, or large-scale event?

National speakers will share tangible takeaways that you can apply to your own organization, including: critical lessons learned over the past 18+ months; how the right mobile technology has transformed their patient care capabilities; how preparing for the unexpected with the right systems and technology can be the difference between staying operational or ending up in the dark; and how to start building the future of EMS now.

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