Stress, Distress and PTSD: Recognizing and Reaching Out

Starting in 1994, the instructor has watched several fire/EMS friends suffer with what has been called stress, distress, CIS and PTSD. Of those, one died, one lost his career and two went on to eventually recover from the experience. Amid a culture of silence, more first responders are dying from suicide than in the line of duty.

This timely information is designed for all fire/EMS medical personnel. It covers the common elements of career dissipation, including burnout, stress, long-term career planning and prevention of occurrences – like divorce and drug and alcohol abuse.

Also emphasized in the Webcast is the importance of knowing what type of resources are available and how to best use them. “Going to work happy … without chemicals!” is the goal. This program turns the focus on recognizing issues in yourself and coworkers.

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