Not All Strokes Are Created Equal: LVO Recognition and Transport Decisions for Prehospital Providers

Prehospital stroke care continues to evolve. Over the past five years mechanical thrombectomy has emerged as the preferred treatment option for patients presenting with large vessel occlusion strokes. EMS agencies are now being challenged to recognize large vessel occlusions on-scene and consider direct transport to comprehensive stroke centers for mechanical thrombectomy. In this webcast, we will review the current paradigm of prehospital stroke care, review the growing body of literature evaluating prehospital stroke severity tools and discuss the numerous items affecting transport decisions.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Pulsara. This webcast is CAPCE certified and attendees* that watch the webcast will receive 1 hour of CE credit! *nurses and physicians are not eligible for CAPCE certification. Please see the JEMS CE Webcast FAQs for answers!

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Kris Kaull

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