2018 NEMSIS Public-Release Dataset Is Now Available

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — September 16, 2019: The 2018 NEMSIS Public-Release Research Dataset is now available to the public. This dataset is critically valuable to:

“¢ State Offices of Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

“¢ EMS Agencies and Supporting Organizations

“¢ EMS Researchers, Educators and Software Vendors

“¢ Prehospital Specialty Care Organizations

The 2018 NEMSIS Public-Release Research Dataset includes 22,532,890 EMS activations submitted by 9,599 EMS agencies serving 43 states and territories during the 2018 calendar year. It does not contain information that identifies patients, EMS agencies, receiving hospitals, or reporting states.

Tools provided to support the utilization and analysis of the 2018 NEMSIS Public-Release Dataset include the 2018 NEMSIS Data User Manual, NEMSIS Data Dictionary v3.4.0, Extended Data Definitions v3.4.0, and a sample SAS code file.

Logo provided by the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS)

EMS events submitted to NEMSIS do not necessarily represent all EMS events occurring within a state or territory. Individual states and territories may also vary in criteria used to determine the types of EMS events that are submitted to the NEMSIS dataset.

Extreme care is taken to ensure that the data are as clean as possible. All data submitted by states and territories must comply with the XML standard and are exposed to several hundred error rules.

To request a USB drive with the encrypted 2018 NEMSIS Public-Release Research Dataset, please visit www.NEMSIS.org.

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