West Feliciana Parish Hospital EMS (Louisiana) Chooses Aladtec’s EMS Manager to Help Streamline Their Department’s Employee Scheduling and Workforce Management

Louisiana’s West Feliciana Parish Hospital EMS is proud to announce they have chosen EMS Manager by Aladtec as their online employee scheduling and workforce management system. They believe this decision will help organize their department while also saving them an entire week of work annually.

“Part of the time saved is from not having to go back and fix errors after the schedule has been put out. Previously schedules were hand typed and this was always tedious, time consuming and error prone. Since we started using EMS Manager the schedule nearly takes care of itself. Taking into account the hours saved with EMS Manager it is nearly free to us,” explains Lynn Clements, EMT-P.

Like the other 800 plus EMS Manager subscribers, West Feliciana Parish Hospital EMS chose this system in an effort to upgrade and improve their department. After implementation, they recognized right away EMS Manager made it easier for employees to access the schedule and plan their schedules more easily. They also found the system’s event calendar ideal to integrate the schedule with upcoming meetings and events.

They are still learning ways the system can help them even further. As Clements points out, they have just begun using the database feature which is making it easier to track vital information concerning training and certifications. “The system log has been one of my favorite features of this system. The ability to go back and determine who did what and when, or sometimes who did not do something, has helped me many times to solve problems and determine a chain of events,” states Clements. “EMS Manager has allowed us to improve communication within the department, integrate various components of the operation and has helped us to be a better EMS service. “

Aladtec, Inc. is a provider of web-based software solutions for online employee scheduling and workforce management applications. The company’s flagship products, EMS Manager and FIRE Manager, are leaders in the public safety sector. Together with their newest product, Zanager, they serve over 800 EMS agencies, fire departments, police departments and other businesses. Nearly 50,000 employees use Aladtec’s online employee scheduling and workforce management products. Aladtec is headquartered just outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area in Hudson, Wisconsin. For more information, visit http://www.aladtec.com.


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