Thorne Ambulance Pioneers Upstate SC’s First EMS Youth Apprenticeship Program

The photo shows a Thorne Ambulance at night with its emergency lights activated.
Photo/Thorne EMS

Thorne Ambulance Service, LLC, (TAS) is pleased to announce its partnership with Apprenticeship Carolina to debut the first emergency medical technician (EMT) apprenticeship program in Upstate South Carolina for students desiring a career in EMS.

Apprenticeship Leaders at Thorne will select interested and eligible youths (ages 17 and older) to receive paid training at their headquarters location in Greenville, South Carolina. Thorne’s Youth Apprentices will be oriented to the roles and responsibilities of a Nationally Registered EMT, as well as receive training in a variety of skills that will prepare the apprentices to successfully transition into an accredited EMT program. Specifically, the Thorne Youth apprenticeship training includes, but is not limited to: industry orientation, ambulance familiarity, and inventory management. Upon meeting age eligibility, and successful completion of the Thorne Youth Apprenticeship Program, the apprentice will be eligible to transition into the EMT program, which will prepare them to take the National Registry EMT examination upon completion. Once the apprentice becomes a Nationally Registered EMT, they will be awarded a full-time EMT position at TAS, and will be eligible for additional educational offerings, to include paramedic school.

“This partnership is a way to ensure that our industry is able to meet the growing needs in our communities, while creating an opportunity for the next generation of providers”, states Ryan Thorne, Founder & CEO of Thorne Ambulance Service.

According to Rob Moore, Upstate Operations Manager at Thorne, “The ambulance industry will continue to have a high demand for EMTs for many years to come. As access to care improves, and the population continues to rise, the need for emergency and non-emergency care will grow exponentially.”

Candidates selected for the youth apprenticeship program will be offered a position with Thorne while they await age eligibility for the EMT program. Once enrolled, candidates will complete approximately 2,000 hours of classroom and hands-on training.

“Thorne Ambulance’s trailblazing registration of their youth program for EMTs clearly demonstrates that apprenticeship can be an effective tool for developing a talent pipeline in high-demand fields,” said Amy Firestone, Vice President for Apprenticeship Carolina. “As the demand for qualified EMTs continues to grow, Apprenticeship Carolina and the technical colleges across South Carolina look forward to working with more organizations in the ambulance industry to fill this important need.”

To learn more about this program, or to apply, visit

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