Texas Department of Transportation Installs Radiant RFID’s Tracking Solution

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has selected Radiant RFID’s Responder Tracking Solution to enhance personnel accountability during activations and deployments.

The solution is a module of Radiant’s All Hazard Response Network (AHRN), and RFID and GPS-based system that enables emergency managers to better account for responders, people, pets and equipment during mass evacuation and sheltering scenarios. Since 2006, the State of Texas has utilized AHRN to enhance its preparedness and responsiveness during mass evacuations.

Radiant’s Responder Tracking Solution is a combination of mobile RFID equipment, software and RFID-enabled badges that can easily be deployed for immediate responder check-in. The solution is easily deployed during emergencies and detects the presence of a responder within 25 feet, making the check-in process more efficient. The addition of smart device technology, such as iPads and iPhones, allows resource tracking personnel to accurately assign responders.

The solution helps account for the overall status of personnel and indicates movement into and out of an incident. From a personnel locating point-of-view, this means that incident commanders have full situational awareness of all responders’ locations and assignments. It also enables incident commanders to comply with the federally mandated National Incident Management System (NIMS) reporting requirements.

With over eight years of experience in supporting the States of Texas, New Jersey, South Carolina, and others’ emergency preparation and response efforts, including Hurricanes Alex, Ike, Gustav, Rita, and Sandy, Radiant’s solution provides the ability to assess event status and respond quickly by keeping all aspects of the movement visible to each operation’s team. TxDOT joins Hidalgo County, the State of Texas Division of Emergency Management, and other communities that have adopted Radiant’s Responder Tracking Solution.

About Radiant RFID
Radiant RFID, LLC provides complete solutions that keep track of the world’s most dynamic assets. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Radiant’s customers include large corporations, educational institutions, and public agencies. As a leader among RFID companies, Radiant’s solutions are designed specifically for IT asset management, emergency management and education. For more information call (512) 351-4915 or visit http://www.radiantrfid.com

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