Online EMS Training Lacking, Professor Says

Online training for EMS professionals is not as effective as in-person training, according to one professor. (Photo/Adam Mason)

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how future first responders are being educated, according to a report. Hands-on training for EMTs isn’t what it used to be, said Patrick Dibb, lead EMT professor at Santa Ana College in Southern California.

“This is the first class that has had the entire course during the COVID pandemic,” according to the report. Santa Ana College now only has one hands-on training session per semester during the pandemic.

“Our ambulance companies and our emergency departments that the students are required to attend at least 24 hours of have not allowed us to return to those facilities until the COVID is clear,” Dibb said.

Dibb said there’s a growing demand for EMS work but he and other experts say there is a nationwide shortage because of low pay.


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