“˜Copkido’ Lessons for EMTs and Paramedics in Boston

(Boston 25 News)

BOSTON — EMTs and paramedics are getting a first-hand lesson in self-defense training after one of their own was stabbed by a patient.

Boston 25 News reports “Copkido” is now being taught at the union’s office.

“Copkido” is adapted from the Korean martial art Hapkido and created by a Boston police officer.

The program is specifically designed for police, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics.

“The Copkido program focuses on non-violent methods of restraint and self-defense,” the company’s website reads. “We accomplish our goals through the mechanical manipulation of the human skeletal and nervous systems.”

“While most self-defense programs focus on the use of violence against violence, our program strives to avoid violence whenever possible,” it continues.

“Copkido” courses in Massachusetts are approved by the Metropolitan Boston EMS Council for continuing education credits.



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