Composite Resources’ Tourniquet featured in Season Premiere of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy

Composite Resources, a leader in the design, prototype development and manufacture of advanced composite products announced today that their life-saving C-A-Tourniquet was featured in ABC’s season premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

In ABC’s season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy a large sinkhole in the Seattle area leaves a woman trapped beneath her car with a serious leg injury. As EMS first responders arrive along with staff from the Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, they must drop emergency supplies to the husband of the injured woman to help stabilize her. One of the items used to save her life is a bright orange EMS C-A-Tourniquet. The full episode can be viewed online at

While every U.S. soldier serving in Afghanistan or Iraq has been issued a C-A-Tourniquet and these devices have been credited with saving untold lives, their use in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Emergency Departments (ED) is still somewhat controversial. Some still believe that the tourniquet should only be used in a situation of “life or limb”. Through the military’s clinical analysis of pre-hospital tourniquet effectiveness, many Emergency Medical Services organizations are beginning to promote a more liberal use of tourniquets. Effective assessment and training are crucial to appropriate tourniquet use and tourniquets are not indicated in all situations. However, the military’s evaluation showed that they were more often underutilized than over utilized.

“When ABC told us that they wanted to feature the C-A-Tourniquet in the Season Premier episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” we were thrilled”, said Donnette Brock, Business Manager at Composite Resources. “It not only provides visibility for our product, but it emphasizes that civilian Emergency Medical Services personnel have gained confidence in the successful protocols and applications of tourniquets on the battlefield”. “While they may not face IEDs and landmines, they face severe extremity wounds and severe bleeding on a regular basis.” “It has been proven that the C-A-Tourniquet is more effective than improvised tourniquets”.

COMPOSITE RESOURCES, Inc. is an award-winning organization focused on the precision, design, prototype development and manufacturing of advanced composite solutions. Composite Resources helps their clients leverage composite materials to create lighter, stronger and more durable solutions for Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Transportation, Sports, Medical and many other applications. Product development is our passion. Composite Resources has attained dual certification with ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100B certification for the aerospace industry.

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