Completion of Southeastern Emergency Paramedic Transition Course Will Satisfy New Paramedic Certification Mandates from NREMT

YOUNGSVILLE, NC (Oct. 30,2015)–As the deadline approaches  for completing NEW requirements mandated by NREMT for national certification as a Paramedic, Southeastern Emergency Equipment an hosting its Paramedic Transition Course on Nov. 19-20 in the Raleigh, NC area.

Completion of Southeastern Emergency Paramedic Transition Course will satisfy new Paramedic certification mandates from NREMT

The NREMT deadline for completing a Paramedic Transition Course is March 31, 2016. Completion of the Southeastern Emergency Paramedic Transition Course satisfies all NREMT recertification requirements.

As announced in 2011, those EMT-Paramedics expiring March 31, 2016 are required to submit proof of a state-approved Paramedic Transition Course to the NREMT in order to recertify and transition to the NRP level. Recertification applicants who do not check off transition on their recertification forms, nor provide evidence of their transition, will be dropped to a lower EMS level beginning April 1, 2016. EMT-Paramedics will become AEMTs.

Southeastern Emergency is an approved Continuing Education Institution (CEI) through the North Carolina Office of EMS and the Continuing Education Coordinating Board of EMS (CECBEMS). Our instructors are MDs, PAs, RNs and EMT-Ps; each an expert in the information they present.

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