American Red Cross Making Big Commitment to EMS

Jonathan Epstein, the senior director of content development and delivery with the American Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington, D.C., addressed the EMS Medical Directors at the 2014 Gathering of Eagles and announced that the American Red Cross will be launching a new healthcare portfolio in EMS and is developing innovative training programs that will be better, smarter and more innovative and usable to EMS agencies than many of the offerings currently available to them.

JEMS Coverage of 2014 Gathering of Eagles

In addition to their commitment to citizen training and continuing their disaster response programs, Epstein said the ARC will be focusing on the critical thinking aspects of EMS and developing fresh, evidence-based (and modular) education programs that are blended between online and hands-on training. 

He added that the American Red Cross will also be focusing on teamwork processes like high performance CPR and coordinated care on scene. Their ACLS courses (to be released in August 2014) will be divided into prehospital and hospital modules, and are designed to be up-to-date, enjoyable and easy to use by participants.

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