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FirstWatch to Host Series of Conversations that Matter for Leaders in EMS and Public...

Mike Taigman will talk to the expert guest speakers and audience to encourage information sharing and collaboration to help tackle tough problems.

Webcast: EMS Planning, Mitigation, and Recovery for High-Consequence Events

A novel virus/genetically engineered biologic organism will strain the fabric of society and stress the medical response system to the limits of its capabilities.

Special Webcast Series — High-Consequence Infectious Disease Workshop

Attendees will become familiar with the ASPR TRACIE EMS Infectious Disease Playbook and will consider operational challenges and strategies for transport and management of patients with high-consequence infectious diseases.

Webcast: Active Shooter/Hostile Environment Preparedness

In this presentation, attendees will gain insight on how one Metropolitan Fire-Based EMS System took the lessons learned from a tragic mass shooting and channeled their efforts at procuring and equipping their personnel, training all responders and command staff, and revising their policies on responses to scenes of violence.