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Firefighter Sean Condon, left and Lt. Gabe Mills, assigned to the Alternative Response Unit of of Station 1, check on the welfare of a man in Mission Park in Spokane, Wash.

People Struggled to Tap Resources during Northwest Heat Wave

People in Oregon struggled to get rides to cooling centers during the recent heat wave that is believed to have killed hundreds across the Pacific Northwest.
The side of a Tacoma Police Department squad car.

Civilians in Tacoma (WA) Could Be Trained to Take Over Some Police Work

Thousands of emergency calls made in Tacoma could be handled by trained civilians rather than sworn police officers.

Coeur d’Alene (WA) Wilderness Medicine Course Emphasizes Self-Reliance

The Coeur d'Alene course, held at Camp Lutherhaven, went over the basics of wound care, how to apply a tourniquet, and how to improvise one, among many other emergency scenarios.
The photo shows the Star of Life.

WA Firefighter/Paramedic Faces ‘Fire Storm’ of Cancer Treatment

David Perkins had a colorectal tumor pushing on his spine and spreading to his liver, pancreas and lungs.

Cowlitz County (WA) Commissioners Add EMS District No. 1 Levy to August Ballot

Residents will vote in August on a special excess levy to help fund the Emergency Medical Service district.
The back of an ambulance.

WA Governor Signs Rural Ambulance Bill Into Law

It updates a law that allows rural ambulance services to overcome personnel shortages by allowing ambulance drivers who don't have medical training.
Emergency responders rescued a man after he fell about 19 feet in a grain elevator at a local processing plant, according to the Spokane Valley Fire Department.

Crews Rescue Man Who Fell into WA Grain Elevator

Emergency responders rescued a man after he fell about 19 feet in a grain elevator at a processing plant, according to authorities.
Spokane Fire Department

Spokane (WA) Fire Department’s Social Work Team Works to Meet People’s Needs

The Spokane Fire Department Community Assistance Response Team works to connect frequent 911 callers to much-needed resources.
Walla Walla Police Foundation

Walla Walla (WA) Police, Paramedics Save Baby from Choking

The one-year-old was choking and bleeding from the nose and mouth.
Tacoma Police and other law enforcement officers stand in an intersection near the site of a car crash.

Two Hurt after Police Car Drives Through Crowd at WA Street Race

At least two people were injured when a police officer responding to a report of a street race plowed his car through a crowd.