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The photo shows the front of a white ambulance with the word "ambulance" reversed.

Police: Man Found with Firearm, Drugs in OK Medical Clinic

Police responded to a call at Integris Moore in reference to a man forcing ambulance doors open at the clinic.
Greeley CO Fire Department

Man Covered in Blood Faces Charges for Punching Greeley (CO) Firefighter

A 21-year-old man is facing assault charges after punching a responding firefighter in the face, authorities said.
The photo shows the back of an ambulance.

Human Trafficking: It’s All Around Us

EMS receives limited access education into the recognition and intervention of human trafficking and this manuscript addresses those needs.

DHS Issues Terror Alert Based on Extremist Objections in Politics

It is not uncommon for the federal government to warn local law enforcement through bulletins about the prospect for violence tied to a particular event or date.
The EMS Handoff

The EMS Handoff: Violence Against EMS Personnel

Hosts Bradley Dean and David Blevins are joined by Joseph Zalkin, retired deputy director of Wake County (NC) EMS, to talk about violence against EMS personnel.

USFA: Mitigating the Risk and Impact of Assaults on EMS Responders

The SAVER checklist helps departments assess and implement training, policies and practices to mitigate assaults on EMS responders.

Report: Uptick in Violence Strains Indianapolis EMS

Indiana's capital and most populous city is seeing an increase in violence and that is putting a strain on the city's EMS providers, according to a report.

‘I Would Be Dead Right Now’

The patient grabbed a knife from Norris and began to stab him with it.