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The photo shows a student being examined by a preceptor.

What Is the Point of Practicum?

Author Radu Venter explains why clear delineations must be made between paramedic students and teachers.

The COVID-19 Virus Can’t Measure

Asymptomatic transmission of coronavirus appears to be worse than SARS or influenza, according to a report by MarketWatch.

Gilead Says Drug Helped Moderately Ill Coronavirus Patients

A California biotech company says its experimental drug remdesivir improved symptoms when given for five days to moderately ill, hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

Major Changes in HIV Testing and Post-exposure Follow Up

Katherine West writes on the current HIV science and the significant changes in post-exposure testing and medical follow up.

These Coronavirus ‘Carriers’ Take Test Samples Around London

Thousands of "gig economy" workers, including ride-hailing service drivers and food couriers, are torn between safety and sustenance.

Myths and Misinformation about the National Registry Examinations

In the interest of transparency and sharing knowledge, here is information about the National Registry examinations — backed by science, not myths and misinformation.