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The photo shows the side of an ambulance with a blue Star of Life.

MI EMS Staffing Shortage Decades in the Making

It's a systemic problem rooted in decades of under-funding that's been exacerbated by the pandemic and threatens to dismantle an emergency safety net.
Wilson County Emergency Management Agency logo

Wilson County (TN) Ready to Hit Panic Button on Staffing Crisis

Wilson County Emergency Management Agency's staff retention troubles show no signs of slowing down.
The photo shows a white ambulance.

San Diego: Falck USA Now Meeting Expectations Prior to Launch

San Diego's new ambulance provider has made great progress meeting city expectations, a City Council committee was told Wednesday.
A man on a stretcher is loaded into the back of an ambulance.

Sedgwick County (KS) Approves $2,500 Signing Bonus for EMS Paramedics Amid Staffing Crisis

It's the latest move in a massive overhaul of the county's Emergency Medical Services division.

Wake County (NC) EMS Agency Needs More Staff

Like many EMS agencies in the nation, Wake County, NC, is experience a staffing shortage, according to television station WNCT9. The station reported that Wake EMS experiences shortages every day, sometimes to the point of...

New Orleans Suffers Effects of EMS Staff Shortage

The city’s director of EMS told the television station the staffing shortage is due to personnel leaving the city, others going back to school for different degrees and some just leaving the EMS profession.

South Carolina Fire Department Alters Ambulance Service Due to Staffing Shortage

Georgetown Fire operates five ambulances in the county, and this adjustment will turn the one that operates within city limits into a "basic truck."

Deer-Grove (WI) EMS Looks to Expand

The department is looking to grow by doubling its number of full-time paramedics.

Wisconsin’s Tri-State Ambulance Faces Staff Shortage

Communities around the country are struggling to find qualified people and Tri-State Ambulance says it is no exception, according to a report.