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The photo shows the Star of Life.

Just ‘One More Kiss’ Outside the Ambulance

On a frigid night in the age of COVID, Sherry Wolfe kissed her husband of 72 years goodbye.
The photo shows a wooden gavel.

RI Judge Strikes Down Challenge to Vaccine Mandate on Religious Grounds

A federal judge on Thursday rejected healthcare workers' request for an order blocking the state COVID vaccination mandate from taking effect Friday.
A pharmacy technician loads a syringe with Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine at the Portland Expo in Portland, Maine.

RI Firefighters Seek Injunction to Block Vaccination Mandate

The Rhode Island State Association of Firefighters is challenging a Department of Health mandate that health-care workers including EMTs receive their COVID vaccination by Oct. 1 or risk losing their jobs, arguing that it's violating their collective-bargaining rights and the state Constitution.
Col. James Manni

RI EMS Providers Save State Police Colonel after Wasp Attack

Col. James Manni is alive thank to EMS providers who saved his live after being attacked by wasps.
The side shows the side door with letters of the Warwick Fire Department.

EMT Licenses Reinstated for Two Warwick (RI) Firefighters after Patient’s Death

The EMTs were suspended after a woman they declined to take to the hospital died a few hours later.
The photo shows a wooden gavel.

State Suspends Licenses of Two Warwick (RI) EMTs after Patient Dies

The two were suspended after a woman they declined to take to the hospital died a few hours later.
Providence Police investigate a shooting on Carolina Avenue, late Thursday, May 13, 2021, in Providence, R.I.

Nine Wounded in Providence (RI) Shooting

Nine people were wounded Thursday evening in Rhode Island's capital in what police there believe to be the largest shooting in city history.

Chemical Spill at RI Medical Supply Company Hospitalizes 20 Employees

Twenty employees at Pawtucket medical supply company Bio-Detek were hospitalized for “irritant complaints.”

RI Bill Aims to Transport Wounded K-9s in Ambulances

Legislation calls for law enforcement K9s injured on the job to get life-saving emergency medical services while in the ambulance.
University of Rhode Island Emergency Medical Services Lt. Jessica Grimm, left, helps Corpsmen Rachel Douglas get into her personal protective equipment.

Students Learn How to Save Lives with University of Rhode Island EMS

University of Rhode Island’s Emergency Medical Services has dealt with almost every medical emergency you could imagine, from heart attacks to car accidents and from the flu to sports injuries.