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EMSA Struggles with Response Times

EMSA has not met compliance standards in more than a year for the Oklahoma City area, largely due to staffing shortages.
A PowerPoint slide from the presentation.

Thumbs Up to ‘Flipping OFF the Switch’

JEMS gives a big thumbs up to the presentation "Flipping OFF the Switch on HOT Emergency Medical Vehicle Responses!"
The image shows a parked San Francisco ambulance.

San Francisco (CA) Looks to Fix Long Wait Times for Ambulances

San Francisco doesn't always have enough ambulances for medical calls, with a backlog of up to six calls at times.
The photo shows the back of an ambulance with its doors open.

Sumter County (FL) Doubles Incentive Pay to Cover Holiday Shifts

American Medical Response (AMR) reportedly needed to double pay over the long Memorial Day holiday in Sumter County, Florida, to cover all its shifts, according to a report.
Falck San Diego

San Diego’s Provider Switch Makes Excessively Slow Response Times Less Likely

A key element in San Diego's contract with its new ambulance provider is a set of stiff penalties for excessively slow emergency responses.
The photo shows the front of a white ambulance on the left and the front of a white ambulance bus from Brunswick County EMS.

Brunswick County (NC) EMS Response Times Above Average

Brunswick County is one of the fastest growing counties in North Carolina. Its emergency services is working to keep up with that growth.
The photo shows the front of an ambulance.

Augusta (GA) Committee Weighs Need for Response Data from Next EMS Provider

Augusta's next EMS provider could be asked to supply ambulance dispatch and response times, vehicle counts and GPS locations.
The photo shows an ambulance.

Abbott EMS (IL): Ambulance Response Improving

Effingham County Ambulance Oversight committee members took a closer look at "Status Zero" ambulance calls this week.
The back of an ambulance.

MedShore Ambulance Services (SC) Response Times Questioned

Emergency response times by MedShore Ambulance Services, the county's ambulance service, need to be looked at, some officials say.

AMR Under Pressure to Meet Response Times in Colorado Springs (CO)

After paying nearly $100 thousand in late fees, Colorado Springs (CO) AMR is back on track to meet response times, according to a report.