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The photo shows the side of an ambulance with a blue Star of Life.

MI EMS Staffing Shortage Decades in the Making

It's a systemic problem rooted in decades of under-funding that's been exacerbated by the pandemic and threatens to dismantle an emergency safety net.
Aims Community College Public Safety Programs

Aims Community College (CO) Receives Grants for Students and EMS Program

Aims Community College recently received nearly $600,000 in grants to support students, including for emergency funding.

Texas Firefighters Petition to Continue to Respond to EMS Calls

Firefighters in Pinehurst are petitioning the city to allow them to continue to run EMS calls.
The back of an ambulance.

Naked Man Steals, Crashes Ambulance in Canada

A naked man is accused of stealing an ambulance last week in Canada and crashing it into a building a block away.
911 Call Center

Advancing Public Safety with NG911, EMD Protocols and Increased Collaboration

Maria Jacques discusses the benefits of NG911 and EMD working together and the obstacles that public safety can overcome when these teams collaborate. She also shares some tips on how they can work together more effectively for safer and healthier communities.

How IJIS Enables Technology in Public Safety: An Interview with Ashwini Jarral

Ashwini Jarral shares insights into the challenges faced by EMS and fire leaders.

Concrete Thrown Through Windshield of Cypress Creek EMS (Texas) Ambulance

First responders with Cypress Creek EMS were the target of an attack last week when a large piece of concrete was thrown through an ambulance's windshield while traveling on the highway.