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Feds Urge EMS to Prepare for Potential Unrest Ahead of Inauguration

EMS providers should be prepared for unrest ahead of the Inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden next week, according to memo from the federal government.
The photo shows mental health awareness stickers.

Mental Health a Priority for FL Frontline Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed daily life as we know it, but frontline workers have not faltered in answering what is asked of them – to be first on the scene, no matter what the situation.

Project Mayday: Alisa Raudio

What happens after a career-ending call? Hear the compelling story of former paramedic, Alisa Raudio and her journey for mental wellness.
The photo shows John Mondello Jr.

Mother Searches for Answers Behind FDNY EMT Son’s Suicide

In the six months since her son, city EMT John Mondello Jr., took his life, Eileen Mondello has walked over the same ground again and again in search of answers.
The photo shows headstones in a cemetery.

U.S. Suicide Rate Fell Last Year after Decade of Steady Rise

The fall in suicides may be partly due to years of suicide prevention efforts, like increasing mental health screenings.

Project Mayday: Jill Engle

How does an 18 year fire captain become a substance abuser and on the most wanted list? Hear the captivating story of Jill Engle.
The photo shows wine bottles.

Lawsuit Says Denying GA ‘Valor Station’ Discriminates Against Disabled

The Hale Foundation is doubling down against the city of Augusta (GA) with a federal lawsuit accusing the city of discriminating against first responders with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Input Needed on EMS Mental Health During COVID-19

Researchers are conducting a survey about EMS provider stress and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic and are seeking input from active EMS clinicians about their experiences during the pandemic.
The photo shows bottles of alcohol lined up.

Recognizing and Supporting EMS Providers with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

First responders are at a higher risk of developing mental health and substance use disorders than the rest of the population.

Participants Needed for Mental Health Survey

Researchers are looking for first responders to answer questions about their mental health and quality of life during the COVID-19 pandemic.