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New Jersey Township Sounds Alarm Over Lack of Ambulance Service

Shrewsbury Township has struggled to arrange for service since the last squad it used folded a year ago.

RI Bill Aims to Transport Wounded K-9s in Ambulances

Legislation calls for law enforcement K9s injured on the job to get life-saving emergency medical services while in the ambulance.

IAFF Calls on Governors to Give Firefighters, Paramedics Priority Access to COVID-19 Vaccines

Adequately vaccinating fire fighters and emergency medical responders will also allow such personnel to continue serving their communities during this medical crisis.

IAFC Urges Congress to Pass EMS Counts Act

This bill directs the BLS to create new sub-categories within the "Firefighter" employment series to allow respondents to identify as a "Firefighter/EMT" or "Firefighter/Paramedic." This flexibility will improve the BLS' tracking of the number of EMS providers in the U.S., regardless of whether they also serve as firefighters.

House Passes Federal Death and Disability Benefits Bill for First Responders Afflicted by COVID-19

"Safeguarding America's First Responders Act" creates a presumption to treat it as a line of duty incident and provide the payments.

Texas Firefighters Petition to Continue to Respond to EMS Calls

Firefighters in Pinehurst are petitioning the city to allow them to continue to run EMS calls.

NVFC Tells HHS to Prioritize Firefighters and EMS Personnel for COVID-19 Testing

"The inability to test these first responders places potentially unnecessary stress on these individuals and creates acute workforce shortages as these individuals are forced to undergo 14-day quarantines."

Michigan Township Board Votes to Stop Sending Firefighters on EMS Calls

Officials in Otsego Township did the math and found it cost taxpayers extra to send firefighters to an EMS call that already has an EMS response.

Tennessee Commission Creates County-wide Ambulance Service

The Unicoi County Commission has unanimously approved an agreement to establish a county-wide ambulance service and an oversight board.