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Toxidromes: Common Poisoning Syndromes to Know

Recognizing common toxidromes will assist your assessment and treatment of the exposed patients, even when the specific toxin is unknown.
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OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma Pleads Guilty in Criminal Case

Purdue Pharma pleaded guilty Tuesday to three criminal charges, formally taking responsibility for its part in an opioid epidemic that has contributed to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Opioid-Related Overdose Deaths in MA Increased Slightly in First Nine Months of 2020

There were 1,517 confirmed and estimated opioid-related overdose deaths in the first nine months of this year, which is an estimated 33 more deaths than in the first nine months of 2019.
A truck drives past a sign supporting a ballot measure that would legalize controlled, therapeutic use of psilocybin mushrooms, Friday, Oct. 9, 2020 in Salem, Ore.

OR Decriminalizes Hard Drugs

One in 11 Oregonians is addicted to drugs, and nearly two people die every day from overdoses in the state, proponents of the measure said.
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New Guidelines Address Rise in Opioid Use During Pregnancy

The number of affected women and infants has increased in recent years but they often don't get effective treatment, and the pandemic may be worsening that problem.
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OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma to Plead to Three Criminal Charges

Purdue Pharma will plead guilty to three federal criminal charges as part of a settlement of more than $8 billion, Justice Department officials announced Wednesday.

‘To Opioid or Not to Opioid’

The authors suggest a need for further consideration of alternatives to injectable opiates for the control of pain in the prehospital field.

Generic Drugmakers Sold Most Opioids During Overdose Crisis

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals doled out lavish perks for top U.S. employees who hit or beat sales goals for prescription opioids and other drugs.

With Overdose Deaths Rising, Ohio County May Open Second Morgue

Franklin County has experienced nearly 30 deaths because of suspected opioid overdoses between Jan. 31 and Feb. 9, according to Dr. Anahi Ortiz, the county's coroner.

Feds Allow Use of Opioid funds to Stem Meth, Cocaine Surge

Alarmed by a deadly new twist in the nation's drug addiction crisis, the U.S. federal government will allow states to use federal money earmarked for the opioid epidemic to help growing numbers of people struggling with meth and cocaine.