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A person wearing black gloves with simulated blood on them uses a stethoscope.

Why Mobile Medicine Matters, Part 1: Ethics & Evidence

Jonathon S. Feit, Britton Lineberger and Ron Nichols examine the role of mobile medicine in today's world.
Chambers County EMS alongside other Mobile Medical crews deployed to El Paso to aid COVID-19 response.

71 TX Hospitals Now Have Real-Time Access to Mobile Medical Data

Access to inbound patient records for all 71 hospitals that are affiliated with the Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Network has been activated.

Agencies Pivot Patient Care Response Resources amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Learn how three Sacramento-area fire departments teamed up with local hospitals to mobilize a MIH program during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The image shows the podcast's logo, a die with a cow on it.

Sacred Cows & Data Cubes: Myths Complicate Data Interoperability Among Mobile Medical Agencies and...

Jonathon Feit talks about interoperability and finance for community paramedicine and mobile integrated healthcare.
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COVID-19 as Catalyst: Bridging ‘Archipelagos of Success’ Across Mobile Medicine

Author Jonathon Feit argues if mobile medicine wants a seat at health care's table, we have to show up.

Is this the Ambulance of the Future?

University Hospitals Birmingham performed a live demonstration last week where a clinician based on a computer in a hospital diagnosed a patient in an ambulance several miles away, ZDNet reports.

Training Effectiveness for Point of Injury Medical Care – Vital Sign Monitoring and Demographic...

Terrorism and mass shootings in the United States have shifted first responder tactics to providing care in "warm zones," areas that potentially are under threat.

Making the Case for Emergency Medical Drones in Canada

MONTREAL — Drones carrying automatic external defibrillators automatic external defibrillators were tested yesterday in Canada. CTV News Montreal reports Renfrew, Ontario, is the only location in the country that uses drones now. Officials told...