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Toby Rowan

Mille Lacs County (MN) Paramedic Collapses and Dies While Answering Call

Toby Rowan had just finished responding to a medical call for the Mille Lacs Health System in Onamia and was still on the scene when he collapsed, according to a statement from the Mille Lacs County Sheriff's Office.
The photo shows the front grill of an ambulance.

COVID-19 Surge Pushing MN’s EMS Services ‘Through the Roof’

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently sent 25 ambulances and crews to help with transfers.

MN Seeks Ambulances for Help with COVID-19 Surge

Minnesota is receiving 25 staffed ambulances from the federal government to help hospitals transfer patients so medical centers are better prepared for a surge of those critically ill with COVID-19.
The photo shows a teenage girl on the phone talking while driving.

Why Are the Worst Roadway Crashes On the Rise in MN?

Paramedics didn't need the numbers to know what they sensed as fatal- and serious-injury crashes climbing this year in Minnesota.
The photo shows first responders at a crash scene.

Highway Deaths Surge in MN

Minnesota is bucking national trends when it comes to fatal motor vehicle crashes – and not in a good way.

Emergency Dispatch Centers Report Disruptions Around the U.S.

The 911 service disruptions came as Microsoft reported widespread outages to several of its products. It was not immediately clear if the Microsoft problems played a role in the dispatch outage.

MN Paramedic Files Whistleblower Lawsuit, Says He Refused Police Order to Inject Patient with...

A federal whistleblower lawsuit alleges a police officer tried to force a paramedic to inject a patient with the powerful sedative Ketamine, but the paramedic refused.

Study Finds Effectiveness of EMS CPR Dropped Significantly During COVID-19

Researchers examined nationwide cardiac arrest data involving ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia during the months of April 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

3M Files Lawsuits for Price Gouging of N95 Masks

The leading manufacturer of N95 masks in the U.S. says it has investigated 4,000 reports of fraud, counterfeiting and price gouging in connection with the product and has filed 18 lawsuits.

Minnesota EMS Providers Share Results of Research on EMS Care of Transgender Patients

Research shows there is a significant discordance between how transgender patients perceive the care they receive from EMS, and how EMS providers themselves perceive the care they give to their transgender patients.