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First responders investigate the scene.

Businessman, Family Die when Plane Hits MI House

A small plane flying from Georgia crashed into a house in southeastern Michigan, killing the pilot and two family members.
The photo shows the front grill of an ambulance.

Three Detroit (MI) Fire/EMS Personnel Hurt in Ambulance Crash

The three were tending to the burn victim in the back of the ambulance when it was hit and flipped on its side.

MI Woman Wrongly Declared Dead by Paramedics This Summer Has Died

Timesha Beauchamp died as a result of massive brain damage she suffered when the paramedics failed to provide her oxygen, her family's attorney said.

MI Paramedics Performed CPR for 30 Minutes on Woman Later Declared “˜Dead’

New evidence suggests emergency medical workers with the Southfield (MI) Fire Department performed CPR on a patient for 30 minutes before she was declared dead and sent to the funeral home.

MI Paramedics, EMTs Claim Civil Rights Violations after “˜Dead’ Woman Found Alive at Funeral...

Two firefighter-paramedics and two firefighter-EMTs with the Southfield (MI) Fire Department have filed a civil lawsuit against the state in connection to the Timesha Beauchamp case.

State Suspends MI Paramedics after Woman Found Alive at Funeral Home

The State of Michigan has also indicated it will suspend the licenses of the two EMT's who were also on the scene, according to the department.

Medal of Valor Winner Drowns Saving Others

A Detroit firefighter died after diving into the Detroit River to save girls from drowning.

Two Injured in Michigan Camper Explosion

An explosion occurred which caused the roof to collapse and the walls to be blown out.

McLaren Bay Region Ending EMS Service in MI

Nearly 80 emergency medical service employees will be let go by the end of summer at McLaren Bay Region Hospital (MI), according to a report.
The photo shows the Star of Life.

Michigan Paramedic Succumbs to Coronavirus

Paul Novicki, who worked for Critical Care Paramedic in the Detroit area, passed away Thursday.