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How CPAP Is Making a Massive Difference

Continuous positive pressure ventilation (CPAP) is making big waves in EMS right now. How exactly does it work?

Using ETCO2 to Detect Sepsis

JEMS released an article in 2016 about the use of ETCO2 to quickly identify sepsis. Let's see how that tool works and may help improve early recognition and treatment.

The Need for Positive-End Expiratory Pressure

We all try to maintain a physiological PEEP of 3-5 cmH2O. Why don't we try to maintain that same PEEP in our patients?

New Approach Helps Paramedics Better Assess Chest Pain

A new cardiac assessment with the combination of an i-STAT is allowing for better recognition of major cardiac events.

Succinylcholine Versus Rocuronium: Which is the Best Paralytic?

For years, Succinylcholine was hailed as the go-to paralytic in an RSI, but is it really the best choice?

Dexamethasone Versus Methylprednisone: Is One Better Than the Other?

In this debut video with Master Your Medics, Geoff Murphy discusses the use of corticosteroids in severe asthma and COPD.