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JEMS Volume 37 Issue 6

Readers Share Feedback on JEMS and JEMS.com Articles

This month, readers chimed in on two feature articles: one from May JEMS that discussed the prevalence of bedbugs (“What’s Buggin’ EMS: How to rid your rigs of a bedbug infestation,” by Wayne Zygowicz, BA, EFO, EMT-P) and one April clinical education article on treating penetrating trauma wounds (“Breaking the Surface: Arm yourself with knowledge about penetrating trauma,” by Bryan E. Bledsoe, DO, FACEP, FAAEM, EMT-P; Michael Casey, MD, & Ryan Hodnick, DO).

German Shepherd Named National Hero

K9 Hero Three years ago, Bear was an 100-pound Shiloh German Shepherd nobody wanted. That was until Debbie Zeisler came to his rescue at a Texas animal shelter. When Zeisler had a seizure, fell down some steps, hit her head and lost consciousness, Bear scratched on every front door in their Millsap neighborhood, trying to help. But nobody answered. A Parker County animal control officer saw the frantic dog, and followed him to his owner.

Paramedics from Lethbridge Fire & EMS Treat Fall Patient

Paramedics from Lethbridge Fire & EMS in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, begin their assessment of a pedestrian who fell from a curb and became injured. The crew was confronted with a patient who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and who was not able to adequately communicate with them. The crew performed a complete primary and secondary assessment. Because the patient was unable to communicate with them, they were unable to safely rule out a spinal injury. They carefully immobilized and packaged the patient.

JEMS Debuts 2012 Hot Product Winners

This year at the EMS Today Conference and Exhibition, a team of judges reviewed and evaluated numerous new products and innovations in EMS equipment, vehicles and programs on display by the nearly 300 exhibitors. These products were released to the EMS market within the previous eight-month period. They reviewed products designed to not only improve your ability to deliver optimal emergency medical care to sick and injured patients, but products that also allow you to do it safely, more efficiently and with enhanced comfort for the patient.