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JEMS Volume 35 Issue 9

Thoughtful Decision-Making for EMS Managers

I work hard like you do. For me, watching a movie is the perfect break from the daily stresses of my job. I like all kinds of movies, but I really enjoy ones that take the main character back in time. The classic It’s a Wonderful Life features a small-town bank officer—Jimmy Stewart—who’s about to commit suicide when an angel shows him how different things would be if he hadn’t been born. Armed with this information, Stewart’s character changes his mind.

A Matter of Integrity

Matters of Common sense?

Media Turns Up Heat on HEMS Safety

In the wake of July medical helicopter crashes in central Oklahoma and Tucson, Ariz., that killed a total of five people, the nation is beginning to take notice of what the EMS community has known for years—that helicopter EMS (HEMS) doesn’t just save lives, it can cost them too. Both the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post have cited a 2009 study to declare that working on air ambulances is the most dangerous job in America. Popular Mechanics’ July issue noted that “medical helicopters accept the most dangerous missions in commercial aviation.”