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JEMS Volume 35 Issue 4

NYTF—1 Aids Haitian Recovery Efforts

In Jan. 15 EMS personnel from the Fire Department City of New York (FDNY) EMS deployed to Port au Prince, Haiti, as part of FEMA’s New York Task Force 1 (NYTF–1) team to assist with a 10-day search-and-rescue effort.

Prolonged Entrapment

St. Charles County (Mo.) Ambulance District paramedics work with Central County Fire Protection District and St. Charles City Fire Department firefighters to extricate a patient who was entrapped for more than 30 minutes after his vehicle was hit and pushed down a highway embankment. The patient showed no visible signs of injury, but his legs were pinned under the dash. Much of the car, including the roof, had to be removed to allow rescuers to free the large, adult patient. Once freed, he was fully immobilized as a precaution and transported to St.