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JEMS Volume 34 Issue 9

On a Roll & the Role of Rollovers

On a RollThom Dick really struck a chord when he revisited a time-tested technique for extricating difficult-to-lift patients in July Tricks of the Trade. One reader wrote to say her husband invented the "Montana Blanket Roll," while a veteran EMSer also answered Thom_s call for information about how this trick came about."ž

Of EMS, By EMS, For EMS: Let’s improve relations between field and in-hospital providers

Several years ago, I began researching the issue of interagency relations and the problems that arise from competing agendas at medical emergency scenes. The resulting article, "On-Scene Interagency Conflict" (May 2005 JEMS), reflected not only my interest in addressing the matter of on-scene conflict between care providers, but also in providing solutions to a potentially serious problem.

Government Withholds Life-Saving Info & Hospitals Foot the Bill

Government Withholds Life-Saving Info"žIn 2003, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposed a multi-year study of 10,000 drivers to further evaluate the safety risk posed by cell phone use, based on research it had done on a smaller scale. But the large study never commenced, and NHTSA decided to not make public its hundreds of pages of research."ž

Flight 1404: The response & lessons learned from the crash at Denver

On Saturday, Dec. 20, 2008, Continental Flight 1404 prepared for takeoff at Denver International Airport (DIA). At the time, Denver was experiencing normal winter weather, which was cold and breezy but not actively snowing, although there was snow on the ground. At the airport, 110 people along with five flight crew members boarded Flight 1404 bound for Houston out of the Mile High City. The aircraft pushed away from the gate, the passengers settled themselves, and the plane taxied to Runway 34R.

Commuter Bus Collision: Providers treat multiple patients involved in a collision at an intersection

Los Angeles City Fire Department paramedics and firefighters triage passengers of a Los Angeles County Metro Orange Line commuter bus that collided with a vehicle at a San Fernando Valley intersection. The 78-year-old driver of the vehicle, who is not pictured, was extricated from her vehicle and given ALS care, which included IVs, oxygen by mask and C-spine precautions. She was transported to a nearby trauma center in serious condition. None of the passengers on the bus were seriously injured.