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Process to Develop Ambulance Remount Standard Underway

The Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) initially published its Ground Vehicle Standard (GVS) for new ambulances GVS V1.0 in July 2016. The GVS standard has already been officially accepted by two states, and regulatory approval is pending in many others. As part of the development plan for the GVS V2.0 revision due in July 2019, CAAS GVS has started a process to create a standard for ambulance remounts that will be an integral part of the second version of GVS.

Building a Team to Help Shape Our Future

Our commitment is that everyone in the EMS community can contribute to the creation of EMS Agenda 2050. When the Agenda is published in 2018, we'd like you —  yes, you — to look at it and say that you helped craft it and perhaps played a role in making it happen in the future.

Five Patient Demographics That Need to be Included in PCRs

Having good patient demographics in patient care reports is the core to being able to bill claims accurately and efficiently. Watch the video to learn about the five most important patient demographics you need to provide in PCRs.