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Lee’s Summit (MO) Fire Department Moves Ambulance to New Station, Farther from Residents

The ambulance at the department's Station 7 currently responds to calls outside of its district 80 percent of the time.

Troy (NY) EMS Staffing Shortage Putting Residents at Risk

Troy Uniformed Firefighters Association Local 86 President Eric Wisher fears the city's staffing crisis will only get worse, putting the public safety at risk.
Georgetown County Fire & EMS insignia.

SC Paramedics, Firefighters Plead for Support

The local firefighter union posted a lengthy statement on its Facebook page Tuesday detailing all the issues they've been facing.
The photo shows a white ambulance.

Emergency Services District 11 (TX) Becomes Own Paid Fire Department

Emergency Services District 11 began responding to calls at 8 a.m. on September 29.
The photo shows the front of an ambulance with its emergency lights on.

NY Volunteer Firefighter Accused of Disclosing Private Medical Information

A Depew man is accusing a local volunteer fire company of unlawfully allowing his confidential health care information to become public.
Port Orange FL Fire Rescue

Port Orange (FL) Ambulance Times ‘Satisfactory’ For Now, Says New Fire & Rescue Chief

Volusia County’s ambulance transportation service, EVAC, responds to around 80,000 calls per year, resulting in 62,000 patient transports to local hospitals.
A Mission Fire Department apparatus idles outside a hospital.

Mission (TX) Approves Plans for Fire-Based EMS

Mission is set to become the latest city in the Rio Grande Valley to implement in-house emergency medical services.
City of Norwalk Fire Station Text written on a brick wall with fire and rescue symbol.

Norwalk (OH) Firefighters Sound Alarm Against Cuts to Prehospital Care Response

Starting Monday, there will be a change in who responds to 911 emergency calls in Norwalk.
EMSA Trucks

Oklahoma City Fire Department Medics Authorized to Transport Patients

EMSA said Oklahoma City Fire Department medics will be authorized to transport patients suffering heart attacks and other related symptoms.
Scott Allender

Melbourne (FL) Firefighter-Paramedic Dies after COVID-19 Battle

Scott Allender served for 22 years as a firefighter, including 19 years as a paramedic.