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A cartoon drawing of a paramedic giving a person entering a car the thumbs up.

EMScapades: October 15, 2021

That magical moment when you spot your "bed confined" routine dialysis patient out and about... and walking.

EMScapades: October 1, 2021

Given how you phrased it when you asked, technically, he's not wrong.

EMScapades: September 15, 2021

You'll only turn your back on an altered mental status patient once in your career.
A cartoon strip showing two men looking at a chain of command map.

EMScapades: September 1, 2021

Some of us are taking jokingly calling our partners "work hubby" or "work wifey" to a whole new level, huh?

EMScapades: August 15, 2021

The most import skill in EMS.

EMScapades: August 1, 2021

Hopefully, it'll be easier for you to get away for a while this summer.
The image shows a panel of the comic.

EMScapades: July 15, 2021

You haven't won anything yet, and you'll need this job until that magical day arrives. Until then... dream big.
The drawing shows an EMS provider unloading a stretcher while wearing PPE.

EMScapades: July 1, 2021

How you can tell that the decision makers have never spent the day in the field... or an ambulance... or a stranger's house.
The drawing shows a man answering the door and being confused why a cell phone is hanging from a drone.

EMScapades: June 15, 2021

Clever, yes, but you know that this will NEVER fly with your supervisors.

EMScapades: June 1, 2021

What we wish we could do every time we're on a call with a swimming pool during the summer.