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Los Angeles County Fire Department insignia

2020 EMS10 Winner Profile: Los Angeles County (CA) Fire Department

The Los Angeles County (CA) Fire Department (LACoFD) implemented ImageTrend Elite in just 60 days.
Kevin Mackey, MD, FAEMS

2020 EMS10 Winner Profile: Kevin Mackey, MD, FAEMS

Dr. Kevin Mackey shepherded several Sacramento-area EMS agencies in a timely fashion at the height of the COVID-19 battle.
New Castle County 3rd Paramedic Academy Class.

2020 EMS10 Winner Profile: New Castle County (DE) Paramedic Academy

Paramedics in New Castle County, Delaware, have found a unique way to combat the EMS recruitment problem.
Thaddeus “Ted” Setla III

2020 EMS10 Winner Profile: Thaddeus ‘Ted’ Setla III

Thaddeus “Ted” Setla III left this world suddenly on May 18th, 2021, leaving behind his wife, two daughters and a large hole in the EMS community. 
Alex Trembley

2020 EMS10 Winner Profile: Alex Trembley, BS, MPA, NR-P

Alex Trembley undertook important and courageous work to quantify and better understand implicit bias in EMS workers.
Oren Barzilay

2020 EMS10 Winner Profile: Oren Barzilay

Oren Barzilay, president of the of FDNY EMS Local 2507, was a strong advocate for his membership as COVID-19 swept New York.
Pinellas County EMS leadership stands in front of an ambulance and an apparatus.

2020 EMS10 Winner Profile: Pinellas County (FL) EMS

Pinellas County EMS is being recognized for its model COVID vaccination program for emergency responders and at skilled nursing facilities.
Dana Cardenas

2020 EMS10 Winner Profile: Dana Cardenas, RN

The project the Tempe Fire Department spearheaded utilized data from ImageTrend solutions to have a 49% reduction in non-emergent calls in the PAS Program.
Kate Bergen stands with one of her paintings.

2020 EMS10 Winner Profile: Kate Bergen, BS, NRP, MICP, FPC

Kate Bergen found a belonging in creating her art, much like she found belonging when she started her career in EMS.
Empress EMS members stand in front of an ambulance.

2020 EMS10 Winner Profile: Employees of Empress EMS

The staff of Empress EMS overcame many obstacles during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.