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By Christie Mellott, Esq., EMT-B

EMS Lawline: President Biden’s COVID-19 Action Plan and Its Impact On EMS Agencies

Several provisions in President Biden's COVID-19 Action Plan will impact EMS. Christie Mellott, Esq., EMT-B, looks into the issue.
Twin light beams reach for the sky over New York City at night.

A Reflection from the Front Lines

George W. Contreras provides a firsthand account of what he saw on September 11, 2001, and how it will always stay with him.

Opinion: ‘He Attacked the Helpers’

Sunday's shooting spree in Tucson is enough to shake our faith in humanity -- but it shouldn't, writes Tim Steller.
The photo shows the hood of a blue ambulance.

We Are Indeed So Much More than Ambulance Drivers

This Atlantic article is spot on and details the crisis that we are facing as officials and others refused to recognize the importance of EMS, writes A.J. Heightman.
The photo shows the front of a red ambulance.

We Need to Care for Each Other as Much as We Care for Others

Caring for our communities also includes caring for ourselves since we have our own EMS community, writes George W. Contreras.
Steven Nelson, MHA, LP, NRP, EMS-I

My Experience As a Black Paramedic

Steven Nelson shares the challenges he faces as a Black paramedic, his triumphs and how the industry can recruit more people of color.
Paramedics huddled around

Expanding Critical Thinking in EMS Beyond Clinical Thinking

Radu Venter writes more on clinical thinking and why the world of EMS thought is much larger than we believe it is.
An Airman assigned to the 911th Airlift Wing receives the COVID-19 vaccine at the Pittsburgh International Airport Air Reserve Station, Pennsylvania, Jan. 28, 2021.

Vaccine Hesitancy and Mission Alignment in the Emergency Services

ML Marietta writes about why all emergency responders are not "early adopters" to the COVID-19 vaccine and what can be done to fix that.
COVID-19 vaccines are prepared for administration at the Delta Flight Museum mass vaccination site.

The Ethics of Perspective: COVID-19 and Community Risk Assessments

The ethics accompanying a vaccine can be stark — and uncomfortable. Is the goal to “get my life back” or to “keep you safe?"
An artist's concept of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter on the Martian surface.

Mars Helicopter Drone Has Implications for EMS

This special drone will feature a battery, electrical components, cameras and programmable components critical to carrying medical equipment.