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Those We Can’t Save: Williamson County (TX) EMS Paramedic Remembers Baby Maci

Paramedic Jamie Dalton looks back at a challenging case involving an infant, and how paramedics leave a footprint wherever they go.

COVID-19 in Kids — It’s Not a Small Problem

EMS professionals must be aware that COVID-19 does occur in children, perhaps more than is recognized.

CDC Alert: COVID-19 Linked Condition in Children

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning doctors about a serious rare inflammatory condition in children linked with the coronavirus.

Southern AZ YMCAs to Offer Emergency Childcare to Medical Staff, First Responders

On March 17, all YMCA branches of Southern Arizona temporarily suspended employee fitness, sports, and aquatics programs to focus on providing emergency childcare for working families and others who perform similar duties.

3 Arizona Children Suffocated by Their Mother

A woman arrested on suspicion of killing her three young children told investigators that she suffocated her son and two daughters with her hands, police said in court records.