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The EMS Handoff

The EMS Handoff: Do NOT Resuscitate Me

Bradley Dean and Eric McCullough review the somber reality of dealing with deaths in the field.
The EMS Handoff

The EMS Handoff: Refocus on Resuscitation with Tom Bouthillet

The EMS Handoff crew sits down with Tom Bouthillet, the battalion chief of EMS for Hilton Head Island (SC) Fire Rescue.
Geoff Murphy wears a black shirt and holds up the ResQR in his left hand.

The Unbox It Series: Rithem Life Sciences ResQR

In this “Unbox It” video, Geoff Murphy takes a closer look at the ResQR by Rithem Life Sciences.
In this Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021, file photo, university football players wait for the snap on the line of scrimmage during practice in Tacoma, Wash.

Heart Inflammation after Virus Is Rare in Big Ten Athletes

Heart inflammation is rare in Big Ten Conference athletes who’ve had COVID-19 and in most it cases causes no obvious symptoms.
Brick (NJ) lifeguards train to respond to a boating accident near shore. (Photo/Chris Chace)

Prehospital Tradecraft: Special Circumstances of Resuscitation, Part 2

This is Part 2 of some of the more uncommon clinical presentations and treatment of cardiopulmonary arrest that may be encountered by EMS personnel.
A group shot from the first annual May-Day Surf Lifesaving Resuscitation Symposium in Sea Bright, New Jersey.

May-Day! Surf Lifesaving Resuscitation Symposium Held in NJ

The inaugural May-Day Surf Lifesaving Resuscitation Symposium was recently held in Sea Bright, New Jersey.
Eden EMS logo

Eden (NY) Volunteer Goes Into Cardiac Arrest and Is Saved by Fellow First Responders

David Cole is recovering at home today thanks to the quick work of local first responders he has volunteered alongside for nearly 50 years.

The First Wave

This study identified an increase in OHCA from March through May 2020 versus a year prior and a decrease in psychiatric complaints.
Dr. Oz

‘Dr. Oz’ Aids Police in Resuscitating Man at NJ Airport

When a traveler became stricken at Newark Liberty International Airport, the police got an assist from Dr. Mehmet Oz.
Hemlock Farms Vol. Fire and Rescue Co.

Sno Cat, Snowmobiles Help Reach PA Cardiac Patient

Snowmobiles and a rescue sled were used to reach a patient with cardiac trouble who was in a cabin.