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Too Hot to Handle: Prehospital Stabilization of the Burn Patient

January 25, 2021 - 1 PM EST / 12 PM CST / 10 AM PST / 6 PM GMT

Delivered in a logical and pragmatic format, this presentation delivers case studies to highlight the role of EMS in the stabilization of the burn patient including discussion of initial triage, fluid resuscitation, intubation decisions, inhalation injuries and treatment interventions. Emergent care and stabilization of the patient with a thermal injury can determine both short-term and long-term outcomes, including survivability. Vivid photographs and interactive slides complement this session.

Please join us for this event sponsored by Columbia Southern University.

Two Injured in Michigan Camper Explosion

An explosion occurred which caused the roof to collapse and the walls to be blown out.

Man Severely Burned in South Dakota Grass Fire

Patient suffered severe burns from head to toe.

Driver Killed in Jet Fuel Tanker Crash in Indianapolis

Tanker was carrying 4,000 gallons of jet fuel when it crashed on interstate ramp.