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Emergency medical workers Trenton Amaro, from left, Joshua Hammond, Thomas Hoang and Charles Navarro are crammed in an ambulance as they treat a patient.

COVID-19: An Unseen, Unwelcome Passenger in Ambulances

EMTs and paramedics have always dealt with life and death. Now they're just a breath away from becoming the patient themselves.

ID Bill Would Help Rural Ambulance Operations

The bill working its way through the state legislature would make it easier for small communities to provide joint ambulance services.
The photo shows the front grill of an ambulance.

Lake George (NY) Delays Vote on EMS District

The Town Board held off on a vote approving the formation of a town-run ambulance service after residents expressed concerns over taxes.

Ogden (UT) Man Accused of Stealing Ambulance, Resisting Arrest

Mitchell Bryce May was charged after stealing an ambulance just after the New Year, according to authorities.
The Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center's patient drop-off/pick-up area is seen in Los Angeles.

Ambulance Wait Times of 17 Hours Reported in LA County

These are dark days for Los Angeles County doctors, nurses and EMTs, marked by levels of death once unimaginable in the United States, despite tireless efforts to treat patients.
The Firstar Modular 146” model.

American Emergency Vehicles® Introduces Firstar™ to Its Lineup

American Emergency Vehicles expands its extensive portfolio of vehicles to include the Firstar Modular 146” model.
Medical tents are set up outside the emergency room at UCI Medical Center in Irvine, Calif.

COVID-19 Models Plot Dire Scenarios for California Hospitals

Over the next four weeks, the state’s hospitals could be overflowing with 75,000 patients — about five times the current level — and an average of 400 people will die every day.
The photo shows the inside of an ambulance.

Ambulances Wait for Six Hours in Los Angeles County (CA)

Officials are turning to increasingly desperate measures to prevent the state's coronavirus surge from killing more patients.

NY Driver Fleeing Fender Bender with Ambulance Crashes into Pole

The 34-year-old driver got into an argument with another driver and it distracted him long enough to mindlessly roll into an ambulance.

Defibrillators, Other Items Stolen from Delta Ambulance (GA)

About $5,000 worth of equipment, including defibrillators, was stolen from Delta Ambulance.