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The photo shows the front of an ambulance with its emergency lights on.

Four-Month-Old Hurt in Crash with AL Ambulance Dies

Montgomery Police Capt. Saba Coleman said Israel Barrera, who suffered life-threatening injuries in the wreck, died at the hospital.
Decatur Morgan Hospital

AL Hospital Says It’s in Ambulance Business for ‘Long Haul’

Decatur Morgan Hospital has the permit required to operate a full-time ambulance service in the city.
The photo shows a Star of Life painted on a yellow ambulance.

Decatur Morgan Hospital Gets Preliminary Nod on Ambulance Certificate

The Ambulance Regulatory Board recommended approval of the hospital's application for a certificate of public necessity and convenience.

Terry Peeler Recognized for 30 Years of Service

Terry Peeler was recognized by the National Registry Of Emergency Medical Technicians for achieving 30 consecutive years of national EMS certification.
The photo shows the front of a white ambulance with the word "ambulance" reversed.

Decatur (AL) Morgan Hospital Applies for Ambulance Service Permit

If Decatur Morgan Hospital's application is approved, the city will have two ambulance services for the first time in seven years.
The photo shows the front of a red ambulance with the word "ambulance" reversed.

Career Academies Expanding with Plans for New Building in Decatur (AL)

The new facility will provide more space for teaching students emergency medical technician skills and how to operate heavy equipment.
Some of the wreckage from a fatal multiple-vehicle crash a day earlier is loaded to be carried away, June 20, 2021, in Butler County, Ala.

Report: Deadly AL Crash Began When Tractor-Trailer Hit Vehicles

A crash that killed 10 people on a rain-slicked Alabama interstate happened after a tractor-trailer truck slammed into vehicles.
The photo shows the hood of a blue ambulance.

First Response (AL) Sounds Warning as Hospital’s Ambulance Fleet Expands

Decatur Morgan Hospital is creating a full-scale ambulance service that can handle citywide transports and emergency calls.
The photo shows a white ambulance.

First Response, Decatur Morgan Hospital at Odds Over Ambulance Services

The hospital's CEO said the hospital may seek a city license to expand its ambulance operations because of concerns that First Response's service is inadequate.
Arnoldo Vasquez Hernandez learns to walk again using his prosthetic leg.

AL Man Who Underwent In-Field Leg Amputation Walks Again

Arnoldo Vasquez Hernandez's leg was crushed when an oak tree came crashing through his Alabama home earlier this year.