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A 41-year-old patient suspected of having COVID-19 arrives from an ambulance to the HRAN public hospital in Brasilia, Brazil.

Shortage of Intubation Drugs Threatens Brazil Health Sector

Reports are emerging of Brazilian health workers forced to intubate patients without the aid of sedatives.

The EMS Today Show: SafetyNeb Mask

Join JEMS Editor Emeritus A.J. Heightman as he talks to Dr. Paul Louis, an emergency medicine physician and the inventor of the SafetyNeb Mask.

Post-Intubation Sedation and Pain Control Management

A review of our 2018 article discussing post-intubation management of sedation and pain control to improve patient outcomes.

How CPAP Is Making a Massive Difference

Continuous positive pressure ventilation (CPAP) is making big waves in EMS right now. How exactly does it work?

The Need for Positive-End Expiratory Pressure

We all try to maintain a physiological PEEP of 3-5 cmH2O. Why don't we try to maintain that same PEEP in our patients?

PEEP: A Tool for Any EMS Provider

Use of Positive End Expiratory Pressure should be considered for any patient who requires mechanical ventilation, including those in cardiac arrest.

Cuyahoga Falls (OH) Gets Creative during Pandemic

New product and procedure safely exhausts all patient-exhaled air from the back of an ambulance.

The EMS Today Show: The Need for Advanced Patient Ventilation

The need for advanced patient ventilation has been at the forefront of patient care during the coronavirus pandemic. The shortage of mechanical ventilators has also surfaced as an overall shortfall in many systems.

Report: 11 Rhode Island Deaths Attributed to Faulty EMT Intubation Methods

A new report is shining a spotlight on a deadly problem in Rhode Island: Intubated patients are arriving to hospitals in ambulances with breathing tubes that lead to the patient's stomach — not the lungs.