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Are lift assists breaking your back? Here’s the solution.

Across the country fire and EMS departments are experiencing an increase in 911 calls from those who fell and need a lift assist. Although there are many theories about how to reduce the volume...

Video: Paramedics Lift 350lb Patient Out of Tub

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P23PFFUTAxU 3 Reasons Why the Binder Lift Will Help You Avoid Injury and Provide Better Patient Care. 1: Easier for You. Whether the patient is stuck in the bathtub or just needs a little assistance out of their...

3 Reasons Why Soft Stretchers Shouldn’t Be Used to Lift Patients

Lift Different. Stop Injuries.   Anyone who has been in the fire and EMS industry for more than a couple years typically knows this: there are tons of needless injury rates among prehospital providers. Studies that...

Career Tips for Emergency Medical Services Administrators

If you hold a leadership position in EMS, here are some of CSU's favorite tips from those who have been in the industry and have experience in what it takes to be a great EMS administrator. As...