Hands On November 2014

Making 12-Lead Easy


In EMS we know time is muscle, and how important it is to obtain a 12-lead ECG as fast as possible in order to identify if our patient might be experiencing ST elevation myocardial infarction. The Rapid 12-Lead System from Ready Electrodes LLC not only reduces the time it takes to obtain a 12-lead ECG, it also eliminates problems with tangled wires. The Rapid 12-Lead pads are packaged in individual foil pouches that keep the electrodes from drying out. Application is fast and easy. After applying lead V1, simply stretch and apply leads V2 thru V6 to their appropriate landmarks on your patient. Rapid 12-Lead pads can be stretched, making it ideal for patients of any size. The design of the Rapid 12-Lead pads keep wires from tangling and eliminates the problem of dropping or misplacing electrodes when time is critical.


Price: $1.65 per pouch; $165.00

per case of 100 pouches




Accounts Receivables

You may be happy with your agency’s financial performance. You may think your agency is doing a great job with accounts receivable. But do you know how your agency’s accounts receivables compare to other EMS agencies across the country? What are the benchmarks being set and does your agency fall above or below them? AMBARA (Ambulance Accounts Receivable Analysis) LLC is a subscription-based service that answers those questions. Simply sign up for a six- or 12-month subscription, enter your agency’s demographic information and monthly accounts receivable data. You’re now ready to compare your agency’s data (aging, cost, charges, etc.) to other agencies similar to yours in size, type and location. All data submissions are anonymous and no identifying information is collected. All data is used to establish regional and national benchmarks to give members the most current data available.


Price: $120.00 for six months;

$180.00 for 12 months




Online CPR Training and Skills Testing

It’s that time again–you have to take a CPR course. For many people, sitting in a classroom full of people they don’t know and listening to an instructor who tells too many war stories is as painful as a root canal. And with most online courses, you still have to find an instructor to perform your skills evaluation. SUMO (Single Use Manikin Option) from Blended CPR is a completely online American Heart Association-compliant course where all you need is a computer or tablet with a forward-facing camera. Simply purchase the online course you need, complete the multiple choice test, and purchase your SUMO kit. When the kit arrives, schedule your skills evaluation with a live instructor and complete the skills evaluation, via webcam, any place you want. The SUMO kit is designed to be inexpensive, yet provide you with everything you need to practice for your online skills evaluation.


Price: $19.95—$54.99 for online courses and $25.00—$45.00 for SUMO kits




Lightweight Stair Chair

When Quantum EMS set out to create a stair chair, they wanted it to be lightweight, agile, easy to use and not as bulky as other stair chairs on the market. The Swiftlite Q-120 is one chair in the Swiftlite line that meets all of these goals and more. It features an adjustable brake, telescopic extendable handle, fully adjustable patient straps, detachable seat and backrest, and an optional oxygen cylinder holder. The Q-120 also has a lead capacity of 350 lbs. One of the nicest features of the Q-120 is the track system that allows it to both ascend and descend stairways without carrying or heavy lifting. If your budget is tight, the Q-120 stair chair is also one of the most affordable tracking stair chairs available.


Weight: 16 lbs.

Size folded: 43″³ à— 14″³ à— 16—18″³

Price: $1,900.00




Interactive EMS Education App

We use our mobile devices and tablets for just about everything these days. There are apps to help you with almost every task in your daily routine. Medrills from ArchieMD Inc. is a series of apps that take EMS education to a new level. Medrills combines 3-D graphics and interactive, virtual medical simulation to turn your device into a handheld simulation trainer. Each app focuses on EMS skills and tasks. Use your finger to guide assessment and conduct treatment procedures. Assess patients, perform advanced airway procedures, assist ventilations, treat traumatic injuries, start IVs, manage cardiac emergencies and carry out treatment procedures as you work through the simulations. There are more than 20 apps available that cover most in-the-field traumatic situations and medical emergencies. Medrills apps meet NREMT guidelines and are CECBEMS certified. Medrills is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Price per app: $3.99




Keep Your Hands Warm This Winter

I really don’t want to leave my colleagues in the Southwest out, but this product is probably not for you; I’ll find an EMS-friendly sunscreen for you in a future “Hands On” column. As for those of us who will be dealing with snow and ice over the next several months, the Cold Weather Gloves from CamelBak are just what the doctor ordered. These gloves are lightweight and have an insulating lining that’ll keep your hands warm on the coldest days. The gloves feature a polyamide woven top with leather palms and fingers for better grip in both wet and dry conditions. Neoprene padding in both the thumb and knuckles provide extra flexibility. The concealed interior seam stitching adds to the durability of these gloves.


Sizes: Small, medium,

large and extra large

Price: $55.50



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